by providing solutions that boost their ability to navigate through the obstacles.

Food For Thought


Companies don’t grow unless their people grow.

When we demonstrate accountability, communicate effectively, and are trustworthy, we create a workplace that others aspire to.

When you pay more attention to the things people are doing right to further the organization’s vision, it sends the message that you are committed to creating a work environment where everyone is valued.

If your organization’s culture is well defined, and visibly reflected in the organization’s activities, it will make it easier for new and tenured employees to learn and model the behaviors needed to be valued members of the team.


About Us

Bonnie Sussman-Versace

Bonnie Sussman-Versace


Bonnie brings 30+ years of experience as a successful business leader, owner, entrepreneur and mentor to help for profit and non-profit enterprises thrive and prosper. She knows that a healthy, resilient company requires a positive and productive culture of leaders and employees, working in sync around heightened values of accountability, communication and trust.  She has devoted the past 10 years to working with companies to provide effective solutions for developing leaders, enhancing cultures, and improving performance that can strengthen the organization’s bottom line. Read more…


The FOCUSED Leadership Development program is challenging all of our managers to examine what kind of leader they are and more importantly is expanding their skills and “tool box” of techniques to grow to be the kind of leader others admire. – Jody Wagner, CEO, Prospectus Berco

FOCUSED Forums is my sounding board. It’s great to be part of a group of business professionals, from all different industries, pulling together to strengthen each other. – Ron M. Bressler, President, Bressler’s, Inc.

FOCUSED Forums have given me a new vision and new direction for my company. The group lets me grow and challenge myself through the exchange of ideas that cannot be learned from reading a book or attending a class. – Owner of Financial Services Firm

Because of THE ACT FORMULA® training and the dialogue it has created in our company, I now realize that many of our associates, from departmental leaders to support staff, identify and want to solve the same problems [I want to solve.] – Eric Savage, Freedom Auto Group

The behaviors are changing, communication has improved, the word accountable has entered our everyday vocabulary and team members are holding each other to commitments. – Lu Ann Seyler, The Hitchcock Group

FOCUSED has helped me gain confidence in my role as the third generation working in the family business. Now that I’m in management and am making key decisions on a daily basis, FOCUSED continually helps me to develop my career goals and fully comprehend all facets of the business.  As the group continues to develop both professionally and personally, the progress we continue to make both individually and as a whole has been remarkable. – Kristi Gage-Linderman, PHR, Vice President, Gage Personnel