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by supporting the growth and development of the people working in the business.


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Join us online for 90 minutes a week to gain the skills needed to effectively reinforce and apply leadership principles in broader, more universal applications within your organization. Facilitator led sessions consist of small groups of 6 participants from non-competing industries.



by providing solutions that boost their ability to navigate through the obstacles.

Bonnie combines her decades of experience as a hands-on business owner and leader in her own right, along with her work as the Founder of FOCUSED, working with companies to fast track their way to their vision.

Jack Daly
CEO, Professional Sales Coach, Inc.

I liked the one on Page 12 for butternut squash soup with crab from Chef Judy Henry, owner of Judy’s on Cherry at 30 S. Fourth St. But there are many more you can enjoy, along with the anecdotes and wisdom that Sussman-Versace provides.

Andy Andrews
Business Editor, readingeagle.com

I love the format of the book… great information and fantastic recipes from local restaurants. It’s definitely unlike any “business” book I’ve ever read, in a good way! I have learned so much from Bonnie that I use in my business on a daily basis. Can’t wait for the sequel! 😉

Google Review

Bonnie Sussman-Versace has found a unique way to communicate important leadership principles.

Carol R. Cool
Goodreads Author

Sussman-Versace’s book is a great introduction to principles of leadership that you can start applying today.

Sara Saddington
Managing Editor, Actionable.co