Statement of Value

Start thinking like a Business Leader instead of a Business Owner! Move with the times, get out of your own way, step outside your comfort zone and get meaningful results. BOOT CAMP FOR BUSINESS OWNERS® turns Business Owners into the kind of leaders who have organizations performing at peak levels. Clients tell us that BOOT CAMP FOR BUSINESS OWNERS® is hard work and exhausting at times, but it is the catalyst for sustainable growth and innovation. Boot Camp helps Business Owners increase the value, effectiveness and quality of life for them and their companies. And, when those three elements are aligned, the reliance on the owner is reduced, and the company can thrive.

The Deliverables

  • Owner / CEO Role Clarity.
  • A Leadership Style Assessment showing how your leadership style influences your organization’s performance.
  • An Organization Accountability Matrix aligning people with work.
  • An understanding of your company’s current culture and a plan that takes it to peak performance.
  • Sessions available in non-competing peer groups or on-site one-on-one executive coaching.

The Benefits


The BOOT CAMP FOR BUSINESS OWNERS® process identifies the best methods of creating efficiencies and agility, strengthening infrastructure, becoming more competitive, and making better and faster decisions. The result is a company positioned for success and growth with a team that has clarity and purpose, and a Business Owner who can sleep at night.

Who is Eligible?


The best candidates represent businesses with less than 100 employees that are too reliant on the Business Owners for most or all aspects of the day-to-day running of the company. The program is conducted with groups of 10-20 participants, representing businesses from non-competing industries that have been in operation for a minimum of 2 years.


What Our Clients Say About Boot Camp