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Emerging Leaders

We know what it takes to grow strong business leaders. We help emerging leaders articulate their vision, lead by example, inspire others, be mentors, demonstrate courage, and build on the characteristics of great leadership.

Your son, daughter, niece, nephew, or non-family member has been working in your company for several years. As they learn the various aspects of the business and get to know the employees, they continue to earn more responsibility. To gain a balance between the application of technical and interpersonal skills, these young leaders need to develop, hone, and practice their leadership skills and styles early in their careers.

Next Generation

We take the pressure off business owners by expediting the learning curve for their next generation of emerging leaders. Once a month, for 12 months, the next generation members come together to learn and grow.

Bringing the next generation into your business creates a wonderful opportunity for you to start planting the seeds of a long-term succession plan. In an ideal world, business owners would have the time and ability to teach and mentor these younger family or non-family members. But, time becomes a limiting factor and the budding leaders typically get bounced from one department to the next, without gaining a clear understanding of how all the pieces fit together.


Business Owners

It’s a proven fact that peer groups, professionally facilitated in a highly confidential environment, stimulate high level brainstorming, problem solving, and personal and professional growth.

Emerging Leaders

By working in a highly confidential, facilitated group environment with other non-competing businesses, emerging leaders learn through four basic elements.

Next Generation

FOCUSED Forums takes pressure off the business owner by expediting the learning curve for the next generation of emerging leaders. Once a month, for 12 months, the next generation members come together to learn and grow.

FOCUSED Forums for Business Owners group meets one-half day per month and includes:

  • Discussion Topics

    chosen by members span all areas of business including culture, infrastructure, key initiatives, business and financial planning, compensation, hiring, inspiring employee development, innovation, etc.

  • Workshops

    Related to topics requiring a deeper learning experience that include discussions about timely and relevant books, articles and other resources.

  • Subscriptions

    to on-line programs and resources to support the groups goals.

  • Expert Speakers

    in areas like team building, business mapping and tactical planning, and succession planning.

  • Annual Retreats

    and more…


FOCUSED Forums for Emerging Leaders meet one-half day per month and learn through a variety of elements including:

  • Discussion Topics

    chosen by members include implementing new procedures, building structure within departments, goal setting and benchmarking, rewarding performance, and more.

  • Leadership workshops

    on subjects like: building accountability, having crucial conversations, convergent and divergent thinking, and more.

  • Facilitated Discussions

    about transitioning from co-worker to boss, open door vs walk around management, work / life balance, breaking and creating habits, and more.

  • Expert Speakers

    include successful business leaders who have transitioned from their role as emerging leaders, and others.

FOCUSED Forums for Next Generation meet one-half day per month, for 12 months, to learn and grow with:

  • Business Ethics and Leadership

  • Culture, Branding, Accountability and Communications

  • Business Planning, Delegation, and Execution

  • Financial Reporting & Management

  • Legal Documents & Policies

  • Business & Staff Management

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A confidential, professionally facilitated peer group involving high level discussion, brain storming, and problem solving.


Accelerate Leadership skills by learning how to articulate your vision, lead by example, inspire others, be a mentor, and demonstrate courage.


Educating the Next Generation of Emerging Leaders to the real world of business, growing beyond their academic experience.