Recipes For Thoughtful Leadership and Healthy Culture

The book represents a collection of articles written by Sussman-Versace, and published in various editions of the Lehigh Valley Business magazine. The collection has been modified into a series of short recipes for achieving thoughtful leadership and healthy culture, then blended together with actual food recipes from the regions top professionals designed to make your reading experience more flavorful.

A peek inside the book

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“Bonnie combines her decades of experience as a hands-on business owner and leader in her own right, along with her work as the Founder of FOCUSED, working with companies to fast track their way to their vision.”

~ Jack Daly, CEO, Professional Sales Coach, Inc.

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A healthy culture is the foundation that supports the efforts of the people who work in the business.

Business leaders who recognize the importance of developing and executing a plan to grow their people, can achieve sustainable results.

Take a look inside. Who are you as a leader, and how are you teaching and mentoring those who will step into leadership roles in the future.

The workplace relationships we build are cultivated through our ability to take personal accountability, and practicing our soft skills.

If our eyes are wide open to opportunities to live leadership, regardless of who we are, and what position we hold, we will make a positive impact on others.

When you nurture, learn, practice and live a healthy culture and thoughtful leadership, the results will be obvious. Your company will attract the best and finest team members, customers and vendors, as they will all want to be part of an ongoing success story.

Author Bonnie Sussman-Versace talks about her book “Recipes for Thoughtful Leadership and Healthy Culture” with Carl Bussler.