FOCUSED Leadership training & development

Few factors have such a direct impact on an organization’s growth and success as the quality of its leadership. Studies show that differences in the quality of executive leadership explain as much as 45% of an organization’s performance.

Keys to Success

  • The program is designed for all levels of leaders, from executive to mid-level management to front-line supervisors. When all levels of management participate, it provides a common vocabulary and approach across the organization.
  • Content and delivery are tailored to meet the unique culture, strategy, and mission of each client’s organization.
  • An active learning format directly involves each participant in solving relevant problems, addressing current issues and practice for new outcomes.
  • Develop the whole person. New leadership skill development and behavior change starts at the core of the person and his/her self-awareness before change can happen.

The Benefits


We help develop leaders who can tackle the business challenges of the present while also creating successful strategies for the future.

The FOCUSED Leadership development program is designed to provide all levels of management with the skills needed to effectively implement leadership principles that impact “leading self” and “leading others”.


What Our Clients Say About FOCUSED Leadership development

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FOCUSED Leadership Development Overview

The FOCUSED Leadership Development program provides all levels of managers and supervisors with the skills needed to effectively reinforce leadership principles.

The program includes the following:

Leadership vs. Management
Ethics in Leadership
Fair Process
Company Culture –Understanding the Foundation
and much more.....

FOCUSED Leadership Development Objectives

This program includes 20 modules, facilitated in a highly participative format. Set and reinforce expectations within the department, division and organization.


Differentiate between Leadership and Management and the value of having a Leadership Vision for their team.
Harness the often-overlooked value of getting employees involved in decisions that affect their work.
and much more....