CourageLeverage Your Skills to Build Sustainable Workplace Relationships The success we experience in our personal and professional lives is strongly influenced by our ability to build, maintain and restore relationships. The more effective we are with these skills, the more effective we will be at leading and guiding others, and ... Read More
Leadership: Planting seeds for yourself, others
Leadership: Planting Seeds for Yourself, OthersThe Legacy of Your Leadership I recently attended the funeral of someone I’ve known for over 30 years. As long-time relationships sometimes unfold into different roles, we went from being acquaintances to friends, to client – vendor, to vendor – client, and back to acquaintances. ... Read More
Communication, Leadership are Keys to AccountabilityAt the Core of Accountability An adolescent living in a highly impoverished community might be taught that accountability means stealing or begging for food as the only means of securing nourishment to support survival. If that child lives on a farm, they might be taught ... Read More
Are You The Best Person To Be Leading Your Organization?Look Within to Decide if You Should Continue to Lead The purpose of this question is not to plant seeds of self-doubt, but rather to help you think about the future of your business from a different perspective. Running a business ... Read More
Is the Smell of Your Company’s Culture Offending Your Customers? Jack Daly, sales coach and trainer, frequently asks his audiences “What does your company culture smell like? Does it smell sweet, or does it stink?” The first time I heard him ask these questions, I thought they were rather strange. ... Read More
Building a Bench of Leaders Crucial to Company, Beyond Who’s Lining Up for Leadership Roles in Your Organization? Regardless of whether you’re leading a for-profit or non-profit entity, building and strengthening the depth of leadership within your organization is critical. Critical, not only for the long-term health and well-being of ... Read More
Challenging Learned Behaviors: Celebrating Our Differences The recent rash of terrorist attacks continues to be haunting. As revolting and ridiculous as they are, these attacks are nothing new. Bullies, tyrants and extremist have been imposing unprovoked violence around the world for 1000’s of years. Every society, nationality, race, religion, age ... Read More
Common Themes Among Top Performing Companies
Common Themes Among Top Performing Companies Does your company’s performance ebb and flow in response to the economic, environmental or global influences? Or, does it consistently demonstrate top level performance regardless of the direction and whim of these influences? Can your company struggling to achieve its goals with the current ... Read More

Bonnie combines her decades of experience as a hands-on business owner and leader in her own right, along with her work as the Founder of FOCUSED, working with companies to fast track their way to their vision.

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CEO, Professional Sales Coach, Inc.


I liked the one on Page 12 for butternut squash soup with crab from Chef Judy Henry, owner of Judy’s on Cherry at 30 S. Fourth St. But there are many more you can enjoy, along with the anecdotes and wisdom that Sussman-Versace provides.

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