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INVEST IN YOUR LEADERSHIP TEAM. EVERYONE WILL REAP THE REWARDS. All too often, we promote individuals into leadership roles because they are doing a great job, at doing their job. How many times have you heard about companies who take their highest producing salesperson and promote them to sales manager? ... Read More
Getting And Keeping Your Company’s Edge What really differentiates your company, not only from the competition, but what sets it apart from the masses in general? Does your company offer a product or service that is in demand from consumers and businesses alike? Is your company well known for modeling ... Read More
Use company culture to drive employee engagement
Use company culture to drive employee engagementDriving Employee Engagement through Company Culture Pick up any business newspaper, review business news online, read Gallup’s 2012 “State of the American Workplace: Employee Engagement Survey. . . ” or just talk to your peers, employee engagement seems to have reached an all time ... Read More
A BLUEPRINT FOR GAINING CLARITY IN LEADERSHIP For the past 50+ years, there’s been a bit of confusion about the concepts of “management” and “leadership.” Even though these terms go hand in hand, they are not synonymous or interchangeable. So, what’s the difference between “management” and “leadership?” You may know, ... Read More
CREATING THE RIPPLE EFFECT IN LEADERSHIP Native Allentonian, now New York and Cape Town based screenwriter, Barry Berman (Benny & Joon, Waterproof. . .), made his way to South Africa for a vacation that turned into a twist in his vocation. During Barry’s visit, he was afforded the opportunity to ... Read More
What To Do About Workplace DramaAct decisively to curb drama in the workplace Workplace drama is not new, but it is a problem business leaders ignore or minimize without realizing the long term damaging effects this behavior can have on a company. To fix the problem, however, we must first ... Read More
TUNING UP YOUR COMPANY CULTURE Company culture is one of the most difficult aspects of business for leaders to get their arms around. Regardless of the size of an organization or where it is located in the global marketplace, some leaders view company culture as a “non-tangible” element, irrelevant to ... Read More
Creating a Culture of Accountability From Webster’s to Wikipedia, the definitions of most words vary only slightly. Yet, we all know that certain words have more impact and connection in their use than others. Take the word “accountability.”  When we use this word in a business setting, accountability is best ... Read More
CHALLENGING ASSUMPTIONS How many times a day do we make assumptions about the people with whom we interact? It doesn’t matter how well we know a person, how often we interact with them, or where the interaction takes place, we all make assumptions about each other. Most of the time, ... Read More
When one person’s bad behavior hijacks your company
When One Person’s Bad Behavior Hijacks Your Company Let’s pretend you have a long-tenured employee who is beloved by your customers, is a top-line performer and is respected in your industry for technical competencies. It sounds like the perfect employee, but there is more to the story. Unfortunately, this employee’s ... Read More